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Hello and welcome to the Vodou Vibration training. This spiritual practice emphasizes the use of meditation to connect with our ancestors and the revered spirits in Vodou, called the lwa. Each lwa has its own personality and preferences.

I am Ted Beaubrun, your servant. Ayibobo!

Qu’allez-vous apprendre ?

  • The Vodou Vibration course offers a multitude of benefits for individuals interested in learning and practicing the Vodou tradition. Whether you are looking to develop your personal spirituality, discover a new culture, or connect with a community, this course can offer you many benefits.

Contenu du cours


  • To be completed before starting the program.
  • Introduction to the Vodou Vibration Spiritual Practice
  • To get support or help
  • Introduction to the Vibrational Scale

Module 1 : Pratique spirituelle Vodou Vibration – Gratitude
The Vodou Vibration spiritual practice is a contemporary movement that incorporates elements of traditional Vodou with more modern practices of holistic healing, meditation, and personal development. This practice aims to help people connect with their own spiritual energy and harmonize with the universe.

Module 2: Healing the Heart
You will learn the basics of increasing your vibration with the invisible field of Vodou by healing your heart.

Module 3: Introduction to Connecting with Your Higher Self and Ancestors
The Vodou Vibration Practice Allows Us to Connect to the Vibrations of the Infinite Universe and Our Ancestors.

Module 4: The Vodou Vibration Energy Radar
The Benefits of Vodou Vibration can bring many benefits to the practitioner. It can bring healing, protection, and guidance.


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